Photo from “Gluten-Free Tuesday: Micro Greens” on Serious Eats.

At the risk of this blog sounding too healthy, I am going to post about microgreens.  As Gluten-Free Girl points out in the above article, it’s easy to think of microgreens as somethings that “chefs in expensive restaurants” use to finish “plates of architectural foods with a twist of two or three slender threads.”  However, these little guys are real tasty.  I’m not saying you should go eat a bowl of them (as shown in the picture), but they’re really pretty good, a nice added texture to a dish, and an easy way to impress dinner guests.

Two suggestions:

  • Sprinkle atop layered goat cheese salad (Try this Roasted Beet & Goat Cheese Salad on Microgreens from the blog Plant Food Fabulous).
  • Layer on top of shrimp cocktail: Take a short glass cup or martini glass, fill with cocktail sauce, place fresh shrimp around the edge, and top with a generous serving of microgreens.  It is a yum complement to da cocktail. Use this cocktail sauce recipe from the always reliable Shauna James Ahern. Beware of hidden gluten in the average cocktail sauce, all ye fellow glutenfreestylers.

These recipes seem a little more June that February, but who doesn’t need a little taste of summer sometimes?


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